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GeoDemo-graphic & House Count Data


Road ~153,800 km


POI ~ 175,000


House Number ~3.42mil


Suburb & Postcode Boundary


Parcel Lot & Landuse




Water Features


Admintve & Political Boundary

E-Map is a leading digital mapping data provider serving private and public organization. Our catalogue includes Malaysia vector and raster mapping products, postcode data and place name databases. All are built and maintained by our dedicated team of geographic experts who continually monitor and authenticate the changes happening in our world, ensuring we can offer up-to-date suite of map data products.

E-Map’s up-to-date digital maps that could be utilized for navigation, location analytics, cable network design, locating assets, routing and tracking purpose, tourism map design by wide range sectors:

● Utilities & Telecommunications

● Logistics industries

● Public safety agencies

● Car manufacturing

● Roads / Infrastructure builders

● Property Developer / Agents

● Tourism

● Government Agencies

● Many more…

E-Map data are highly customizable, we offer data in:

● Multiple Data format in GIS or non-GIS format

● Numerous selections of layers of data, clients may select the few layers based on usage

● From country wide, state wide, or even suburb size

● Varieties of map projection possibility

● Highly flexible, cost efficient

● Rapid Development Cycle

● From existing database to custom creating database

Beneficial Clients:

● GIS Mapping Data Provider

● GPS Navigation Software Provider

● Road & Transport Builders

● GPS Tracking System Providers

● Utilities Mapping Designers

● Waste Management

● GIS Solutions / Business Intelligent Providers

● Government & Public Sectors