Field Data

Field Data Collection & Database Development

Collecting, assembling, creating and analyzing large geospatial database can be very time consuming and challenging for companies. E-Map provide field survey and data collection services for corporate clients, thereafter follow by GIS database development. The database can be further used by market analysis, risk management, work flow planning, the ease for delivery planning and etc.

E-Map uses high accuracy GPS devices for field survey. We also develop Android Apps for complex data collection purpose. Survey Types includes:

● Point of Interested (POI) coordinate location

● Corporate / business point information collections (i.e. business type, email, phone number, contact person, brands carried, signboard brands and etc.)

● Road network / railway network / waterbodies shoreline / telecommunication or utilities assets etc

Beneficial Clients:

● FMCG Industry

● Financial Industry

● Chain-Restaurants

● Automotive Industry

● Government-Link Cooperate

● Local Government or Federal Government