Geocode enables a latitude-longitude coordinate to be added to any address or other geographic point anywhere in the world. Geocoding is a process for translating addresses to specific coordinates on the earth’s surface. A geocode is a pair of coordinates for the latitude and longitude of a location.
With geographic coordinates, the location can be mapped and entered into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis, Location Based Services (LBS), or further decision making workflow, transaction mash-up or any Artificial Intelligent (AI) process.

Point Level Geocoding opens new possibilities for better analytics applications and decision making. Geocode:

● Adds a latitude/longitude coordinate to Malaysia addresses with locating a point at the centroid of a land parcel.

● Provides input to new location based services (LBS) applications.

● Enables locations to be displayed on a map or passed to GIS applications.

● Has market leading breadth and depth of coverage to add a geocode to rooftop level or point-level, a whole new level for Malaysia geocoding accuracy deliverable.

Why Geocode?

● Enable geography-based applications that are not connected to maps to be connected: sales territory planning, event marketing, social networks, activity tracking for police, intelligence, and health.

● Enterprises make critical business decisions based on the geo-location of customers, assets, or events.

● In market analysis, marketing planning, risk assessment, targeting, portfolio management, and network investments geocoding is used to assign business data with their respective geo-location to make smarter decisions.

● Create new applications in intelligence, crime detection, infection disease early warning system, fraud detection and others.